Proven strategies and action-based suggestions
for healing and growth

freeing yourself from addictions

eliminating bitterness

growing your faith

forgiving those who have hurt you

ending dysfunctional behavior 

defining your identity

becoming real and authentic

learning to thrive

Any client wants and needs an intelligent explanation for their distress (aka guidance, insight, wise counsel). 

And, the explanation must provide a means by which the client can overcome his or her difficulties (aka a roadmap outlining specific steps to reach the destination).

And, most importantly, the client must believe he or she can master what is needed to resolve difficulties (aka have hope, willingness to change, capacity to change).


A great therapist is equipped to offer such things. 

So forget what you know about classic therapy...the kind of therapy where the therapist just can't quite figure out what your talking about, someone who asks how you feel when it should be quite obvious, or someone who is not giving you the answers you desperately need. 

Regardless of the issue, no matter if you have lost your identity, your struggling to find your purpose, or you are simply in a bad place, for whatever the reason, I guarantee results. 



Fear keeps us stuck. Fear will make you weak. Fear is the antithesis of faith. Take hold of your fear and become FEARLESS.


Your past does not dictate who you are today, nor your future. REDEFINE yourself, your story, the truth.


Bitterness only hurts you. There is FREEDOM in letting it go, the battle is not yours to fight. 

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Proven strategies and action-based suggestions for healing and growth.

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divorce and post divorce issues

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