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Helping to mitigate conflict in divorce and post divorce situations 

For those families engaged in the divorce process, especially a high conflict divorce, a therapist must wear many hats, and wear them confidently. Divorce naturally brings out the most intense emotions in people of all ages. This happens when your parenting time is being threatened, your children's safety is in jeopardy, when you are drowning financially, when you find yourself completely desperate for help and exasperated with the system, knowing you are getting nowhere fast. 

My therapy is suited for those engaged in a high conflict divorce (or post divorce) who need help navigating their emotions, a better understanding of how to reduce parenting conflicts, and how to protect their children from the impact of that conflict. 

My ultimate platform is to help you love your child more than you hate your (x)spouse and to encourage you to do what is best for your child(ren), during and after the divorce process. Sometimes what is best is not what you want or what you thought. I don’t take sides and I serve all my clients with integrity and objectivity. I speak the truth and cannot be manipulated or paid to say what you want to hear.


I can help your family navigate through the pain of divorce.

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