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timely, cost effective, and equitable

I offer mediation services for new and established clients. I help clients mediate post divorce issues, a temporary parenting plan, and a permanent parenting plan. Most people know the obvious benefit of mediation (substantial money savings) but there are far more benefits of participating in mediation with a therapist than most people know. 

  1. time sensitive - it can take months to mediate your case. To sync your calendar, (future) x-spouse calendar, your attorney's calendar, (future)  x-spouse's attorney's calendar and mediator's calendar requires months in advance planning.

  2. ​communication is developed and preserved- I teach clients how to mitigate the conflict between one another by establishing well defined communication techniques that will serve parents well in the future.

  3. conquering fear - if you peel back each layer of feelings, you will find that fear is your driving emotion. Every parent is scared to death of losing their child(ren) to the other parent. By intertwining counseling with the mediation process, clients are able to confront their irrational fears and ultimately reframe the way in which they think.   

  4. safe-guarding healthy and meaningful parent-child relationships - by carefully examining and communicating current and/or potential concerns pertaining to issues of discipline, rules at each parents home, and decision making issues, parents can avoid the temptation to undermine one another. 

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