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Parental Alienation arises when a parent, having a maladaptive response to separation, draws the child(ren) into an alliance with that parent, against the other parent.  

Parental Alienation

High conflict divorce always has an impact on the children. Children might overhear arguments, or simply sense the bitterness when one parent discusses the other parent. As a result, children might show physical or emotional manifestations of stress and anguish. They may experience anxiety or depression, they may perform poorly at school, they may distance themselves from friends and activities they once loved, they may start getting into trouble, they may even start experimenting with drugs or other high-risk behaviors.


More often than not, problems experienced by the child are mostly resolved once the conflict between the parents are resolved. I address a lot of this in the section about High Conflict divorce. 


Parental Alienation is much more insidious. It often begins when one parent undermines the other parent’s authority and relationship with their children. As it progresses that parent might say or do things to form an alliance with that child that will turn him or her away from the other parent. 


Children do not organically dislike a parent. They are taught to dislike a parent, typically taught and reinforced by the “alienating” parent. A child turned against one parent by the other is a damaging and dangerous occurance. 


Wherever possible, I will work with you and your child to help you both navigate the toxic position your child has been placed in by the alienating parent. 


I will empower your child, and help their voice rise above the chaos of his or her parent’s arguments. I will hold the parents accountable to their children, having them explain why having a relationship with both parents is important. And I will teach vital communication skills to all family members. 


When reconciliation with your child is not possible, I help with that too. Though you fight for your child, if it is a battle that cannot be won, I help parents walk through the pain of letting their child go. For many parents, the immediate instinct is to return to court, but the reality is that even when you win in court you still may lose with your child. You cannot force your child to love you the way you wish he or she would.

I can teach you how to accept your child’s decision and how to continue to be a supportive parent through a process of specific techniques, strategies, and principles that have proven to be successful over the years. I have extensive training in, and collaborated with the leading Parental Alienation experts in addition to having personal experience with Parental Alienation. 


Do you believe you may be a victim of Parental Alienation?

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