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Free To Be Me 

I have designed a dynamic parenting class that meets for 3 consecutive Tuesday evenings from 6:30 to 8 PM. The class is 90 minutes in duration, with the first 60 minutes dedicated to lecture and last 30 minutes open for any questions about your specific situation. This class is designed with every parent in mind. To sign up click here 


This class serves several proposes.

  1. It teaches the parent what to teach the child

  2. It provokes introspection within the parent

  3. It targets the root of the problem rather than offering a band aid as a solution


Divorce is traumatic. It resides on the trauma scale.

Parents are simply trying to survive through the storm while mitigating emotional damage to themselves, their child(ren) and the family system. Most parents don’t know how to help their child(ren) navigate their emotions through this process nor what to teach their child(ren) about this process.


Divorce creates tension, bitterness, and pain for all. Parents unknowingly ask children to divide their loyalty which then creates very serious lifelong issues, lasting into adulthood.


Section 1 is dynamic and sobering. Children need to feel accepted and must be attached to parents. But what happens if a child perceives he or she must pick between the two as a result of divorce or other traumas? We will answer this question and then define and introduce the concept of self-betrayal. You may not know or understand much about self-betrayal but you will be shocked when we dig into this concept and this lifelong impact it has on children and adults. This class will invite you to be introspective and curious about your own story.   


Section 2 will build upon the previous class as we look at roles children are asked to play within the family and the effects these roles have into our adult life. We will also briefly discuss and define the impact of childhood stress, parents’ misplacement of their own feelings onto the child, and intimacy and nurturing and how it impacts children and their relationships through adulthood. Again, this class will be therapeutic for each participant as it will invite curiosity into your own story.


Section 3 will define and specify what elements parents must teach their child(ren) to offset the negative results of trauma a child experiences (specifically from divorce). This class ties the previous two class together by offering solutions to the problems that were defined and discussed in the previous class.

To sign up for this class click here

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