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The Shepherding Project

What is the Shepherding Project?

The Shepherding Project's ultimate goal is to facilitate discovery and growth by teaching, guiding, and challenging participants to examine their own personal brokenness - ultimately to become realThe Shepherding Project strips away the fake and lies that cover up millions of men and women; things that keep them stuck and lost by teaching a specific curriculum and concepts rooted in spiritual truth, ultimately allowing them to find their way to becoming real.  

What is a Shepherd?

A Shepherd is a believer and one that understands living God's will is the hardest, yet most rewarding life to live. A Shepherd is not religious but has a relationship with God (faith). A Shepherd is not judgmental, for a Shepherd has made mistakes and has been broken.

A Shepherd is wise. Wisdom is essential to becoming a Shepherd. Wisdom is the result of the clarity and insight that is learned from making mistakes. Wisdom is not gained from getting it right every time. 

A Shepherd is discerning. The Shepherd's discernment helps guide the Shepherd in the process; determining what is worth digging into deeper that will thread together a theme which will be woven into a summation providing clarity and insight.   

Who would benefit from working with a Shepherd?

This process would be appropriate for men, women, college students, teens and couples who are willing to be honest and who are committed to working hard.  The curriculum provides specific steps that reap a rewarding life no matter your age. 


What is a Shepherd's Style?

It is imperative that a Shepherd is transparent and real with clients, not afraid to ask hard questions, being direct and honest at all times. Shepard's guide and do not wait for you to figure it out. You are seeking help because you do not know the way in which to go and a Shepherd will provide the answers to your questions.


What makes you vulnerable makes you beautiful. 


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