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Extra Marital Affairs

Loneliness within a marriage is often times painful and dark. The emptiness we feel, not feeling special, desiring to feel alive again .... all of these feelings can cause us to make choices we will later regret. If we could only really understand the havoc and ripple effect an affair causes before we walk down that road, most of us would never choose that path. 

But if we do choose to walk down that path, how do you (and everyone) recover? What is the right choice? Who do you "pick" ... it's between your heart and logic ... between lover and family; either choice causing enormous pain in a variety of ways. How do you go back to the mundane and emptiness of the marriage once you have experienced living again? How do you repair the marriage once the affair is over? How do you balance divulging details that will cause pain with enough details that would answer your spouse's reasonable questions?

Experience has taught me that best results come from having one therapist for the couple and the my sessions are designed to address each individual's unique issues as well as issues within the marriage.  Truths about you, your spouse and the marriage must be acknowledged and understood before we can determine the steps you must take to begin the healing process.  

End the back and forth. The truth will set you free.  

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