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Understanding Codependency and the Journey to Emotional Maturity


We are familiar with the word codependency but very few of us really understand the impact of this disease. 

Codependency begins in childhood. It is the byproduct of childhood relational trauma. It happens when our parents do not role model and/or meet our needs as children in healthy ways. Another way to understand codependency is to define it as developmental immaturity. 

The dysfunctional behavior and thought processes codependency creates stays with us until we are taught how to relate to ourselves and others functionally. Sadly, this usually does not happen until we suffer the pain of fractured relationships, addictions or other unhealthy behaviors.  

I offer workshops and group therapy to anyone who wants to better understand the disease of codependency, what steps to take to grow yourself up, and to ultimately feel better.

Please contact me if you would like to learn more. 

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