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Actions reflect the truth

My marriage counseling sessions are designed to challenge all participants by examining your actions, not your words. We will define the truth, redefine priorities, determine your non-negotiables, and work to rebuild. 

It is important to know I absolutely believe marriages come in all shapes and sizes, not one marriage is the same as the other. Therefore, I won't be the one to tell you that you or the marriage is "unhealthy"... please, we are all unhealthy to a degree. BUT, if it's not working for one of you, it isn't working for the marriage. That said, I do believe there are definite actions that are right and wrong. Some things are black and white but I will teach the couple how to successfully move past resentments and see the other through a differnet lens. 

My method is a proven way to help couples resolve conflict, rediscover how to respect one another, and strengthen bonds, sometimes for the first time. Alternatively we might realize that too much pain for too many years has left the marriage irreparable, and if that is the direction that must be taken I will guide you both through that process.


My marriage counseling sessions aren't for those who want to simply go through the motions. If you want to work with me we won't hide from the truth, no matter how uncomfortable it is. 

My focus is to help you build a healthy foundation to experience a fulfilling and fruitful marriage but also to be realistic if this cannot happen. 

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