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High School Senior College Prep Group

College bound high school seniors are faced with a multitude of issues. This group is designed to teach your teen(s) to make emotionally and mentally intelligent decisions and to prepare them for the challenges college life presents. 

Group topics will include:


  • Implementing mental discipline

  • What constitutes intelligent decisions and how to make them

  • Defining your circle of trust, how much to disclose and to whom

  • Habits uncovered; neuropathways 101

  • What is first semester of college all about?

  • What is anxiety and some tools to cope with it

  • Expectations - Reality = ?

  • Drain your Brain technique

  • Unpack your baggage before you leave home


            ......and much more


Groups last 6 to 8 weeks. Each meeting lasts one to 1.5 hours. Cost per meeting is $100.

Sign up below to learn more. Next group begins November 1, 2018

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